An Cailleach in Appalachia

It is told that in the days when the world was young Beira saw land where there is now water and water where there is now land. Once a wizard spoke to her and said: ‘Tell me your age, O sharp old woman.’ Beira answered: ‘I have long ceased to count the years. But I… Continue reading An Cailleach in Appalachia

A Fall Holiday Procession in South-Central Appalachia

I’d have loved to celebrate Lùnastal last week, but the corn harvest doesn’t start until September down here. Right now, it’s still high summer and the idea of a “first harvest” totally conflicts with the character of the season. The better first harvest holiday date for me would be on Labor Day weekend: corn is… Continue reading A Fall Holiday Procession in South-Central Appalachia

Community, Culture, and Identity in Western Polytheism

I believe in using the gifts of our ancestors – our familial, cultural, and local ancestors – to honor them, our Gods, and other spirits. These gifts are our cultural heritage that ought to be treasured and preserved, even as we make necessary changes in the present to create better futures.